Case Study – 93% Reduction of R&D Time in Metal Additive Manufacturing


Plus Mfg recently shared case study highlights from Chief Innovation Officer Tom Kruer’s evaluation of Exponential Technologies SAAM software for use in their newly patented AMD™system. 

Erlanger, Kentucky, USA (December 9, 2021) —- Plus Mfg, LLC (+Mfg) was given the opportunity to evaluate the use of Exponential Technologies Ltd. (xT) SAAM software to determine the suitability when optimizing process parameters for new materials in our unique metal DED additive manufacturing system.

Short video that explains the unique Advanced Metal Deposition ( AMD) process of +Mfg

As an initial trial, +Mfg. evaluated the amount of time it took for this advanced software to derive optimum operating parameters for E70 steel as compared to +Mfg.’s traditional change-one-variable-at-a-time approach. The same optimized process, which took +Mfg. six weeks of lab testing took only 16 hours for the SAAM software. This technology opens the door for new, revolutionary areas to improve +Mfg.’s process and develop interesting topics for further research.

“The xT team is a pleasure to work with–extremely intelligent, dedicated, and accommodating,” said co-inventor and +Mfg Chief Innovation Officer Tom Kruer. “We look forward to a long-term relationship where we utilize their software.”

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Plus Manufacturing LLC. (+Mfg)

Founded in the greater Cincinnati area, which is known historically for advanced manufacturing technologies, uses its patented Advanced Metal Deposition(AMD) technology and process to enable foundries and other manufacturers of metal parts to produce large complex parts from multiple metallic materials. +Mfg’s AMD process enables parts to be made in prototype to production quantities while eliminating traditional production issues, reducing cost and resulting in a cleaner and more suitable manufacturing environment.

Exponential Technologies Ltd. (xT)

xT is an experienced player in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in industrial markets. In particular, xT has a track record of delivering world-class software products in the field of industrial R&D. Combining their experience with AI/ML technologies and their knowledge of the AM market, xT is ready to gradually turn the promise of “first time right” into reality.

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