10 impossible mobile patterns to break

Mobile patterns are the used by everyone to unlock their mobile phones. Everyone loves to mobile patterns over the pass code or password. One of the most important factor is its ease to unlock the mobile phone. The more stylize your pattern is, more you look cool while unlocking mobile phone.  Even this also prevent shoulder surfing attack. To we will show you 10 most impossible mobile patterns to break. Even if you unlock your mobile phone in front of somebody he or she will not be able to guess. Nor even your girlfriend and boyfriend will be able to guess your pattern.

So without wasting too much time we will show you top 10 mobile patterns that are hard to break. Before we jump let us understand that pattern is combination of 9 dots in most of the cases. Below figure will help you understand the numbers used behind these patterns.

Now we understood the concept behind the pattern. The way it works is that whenever we draw any pattern its converted to the numbers for the mobile phone to unlock it. Mobile takes these numbers as password and unlocks your mobile phone. Let’s see which are the 10 most impossible mobile patterns to break.

1. FISH (2-5-8-4-6-9-3-1)

The is called fish pattern and the number written in brackets are the sequence of the patterns to be followed to create a pattern that resembles fish. Its starting with dot number 2 and then draw a line to dot 5 and then from dot 5 to dot and so on as shown below.

Fish mobile pattern

2. Love Angle (2-5-9-1-4-8-6-3-7)

Its is lovely angle pattern use it if you love someone but don’t want to tell her or him.

3. Ribbon (5-7-3-6-4-1-9)

4. Bird man mobile pattern (2-5-7-3-6-4-1-9)

5. Robo Head (2-5-4-6-3-9-8-7-2)

6. MKBHD (4-8-6-9-3-5-1-7)

7. Illusion (2-1-3-5-4-6-8-7-9)

8. Impossible (8-6-5-4-2-1-3-7-9)

9. MAZE (1-2-5-4-6-3-9-8-7)

10. Time Machine (8-6-5-4-2-3-1-9-7)

The only important is that whenever you use any of these just note down the number sequence. You can refer your number sequence if in case you get in your own trap.