Zoomeye – Find open servers, Webcams, Porn sites vulnerabilities

Internet is full of new features. Now days you can see new websites, new features to enhance a user experience of the internet search. There are many search engine like – Google which is commonly used to search any query over the internet. There are many other search engines like – Shodan which is used to see the open webcams, open databases, open IOT devices and many other devices which are connected over the internet, mention ethical hacking experts.

For searching any open devices, you have normally heard of Shodan. Well that’s not enough. Ethical hacking research of International Institute of Cyber Security tells you about another search engine just like Shodan.

Zoomeye Intro :-

Zoomeye is the another search engine which is used mostly to see open devices that are vulnerable and most often used by pentesters to test or exploit there vulnerabilities over the internet, as per ethical hacking courses. Zoomeye let user to find specific connected network devices. Zoomeye is chinese based search engine. Zoomeye uses Xmap and Wmap to search for the network devices that are connected over the internet. These two engines are used in 24/7 detection. Zoomeye works just like any other search engine works, you have to simply search for the query over the internet. 

Now we will show you how the Zoomeye can be used to search for any query over the internet.

Creating an Account :-

  • Go to https://www.zoomeye.org/
  • For using the search engine you must have an account in Telnet404 : https://sso.telnet404.com/accounts/register/

  • After registering in the above account login to : https://sso.telnet404.com/cas/login/?next=/

Now comback to zoomeye.org and start searching the network components or anything you want to search. 

Using Pre-defined Queries :-

  • After opening the zoomeye.org. Click on topics tab where you can see some of the most common open network devices. These devices information can be used in other hacking activities.
  • The above webpage opens the network devices which are being continuously ping by zoomeye.

Getting Basic Information for the Target :- 

  • Getting basic information of the target which then can be used in exploiting the target easily. Zoomeye do offer many features like choosing country,
  • Selecting the desired ports and the services which can be used in other hacking activities.
  • Zoomeye do offers some its own dorks which can be used in searching results using zoomeye.
  • Zoomeye do offer some of the different features from shodan.io. Here we can select the countries in which you want to make the research. 
  • Zommeye do offers where you can select the year, countries, web application servers and many other features.

Fun With Zoomeye :-

  • Type hackthissite.org to see what zoomeye shows as shown below. This is the most popular site used to test vulnerabilities. 
  • Type site:hackthissite.org in the zoomeye search box.
  • After searching the above query hackthissite.org, zoomeye has shown result which shows search engine capability of zoomeye.
  • Click on the first search result and new page will open which shows the complete details of the target website.


  • In the above screen shot, zoomeye has shown hackthissite.org complete details. Open ports and the other IP address which are mostly used in testing purposes.
  • The links provided marked in black square shows the listed vulnerabilities.
  • The above are the vulnerabilities which can be used in other hacking activities. 

Finding Webcams :-

  • Click on the IP listed as shown above.
  • The above Ip in the screenshot can be used to open webcam using the listed ports.
  • Now we will open Ip with port.
  • The above screen shot is from the live webcam. The above open IP of the webcam can be used in other hacking activities.
  • Now opening the another webcam with different ports.

Trying Some Different Webcam :-

  • The above screen shot can be used in initial phase of information gathering as it shows open ports.
  • The above screen shot shows open webcam which can be used in hacking webcams and taking control.

Finding Boats Current location :-

Boats/ships uses VSAT (Very-Small-Aperture Terminal) which uses satellite to communicate with the outer world. VSAT uses IPv4 for the communication. As you are aware of zommeye, which pings all the IP address on the internet. So in this zoomeye list the IP that are associated with VSAT system on the boat,ship.

  • Type VSAT in zoomeye search engine as shown below.
  • Click on the listed links where you can find the exact location of the boats.
  • Click on the link as shown above.
  • As shown above, we can use the above listed longitude and latitude and search it on the google search engine.
  • Type 24.8056, -65.3417 in the google search engine to search for the exact location of the boat.

The below listed is only for educational purpose to the tell the working of the zoomeye.

Finding Porn sites vulnerabilities :-

  • Some websites which provide adult content can also be used in hacking activities. These websites data can be used in spreading viruses over the internet, according to ethical hacking courses.
  • Type porn in the query to check the vulnerabilities of the websites.
  • Click on the above link to open the selected IP address.


  • The above screen shot is from zoomeye which shows open ports and the IP address ad HTTP headers of the website.
  • Now open links marked in black which shows no. of vulnerabilities which can be used to other hacking activities.
  • The above listed vulnerabilities can be used on the website.

Finding the Meterpreters :-

  • Type meterpreter in the search box to search for the running meterpreter shells.
  • The above are the list of the meterpreters which can used in searching information regarding them.
  • Here we have used the above meterpreter to check if it is working.
  • For checking the meterpreter open command prompt in windows and type telnet 1214 and press enter.
  • In the above screen shot a meterpreter code will be printed on the command prompt window. Code can be matched with the code on https://github.com/waynearmorize/drivesploit/blob/master/data/meterpreter/meterpreter.php. As you can see the zoomeye shows the running meterpreter.

Finding Industrial Control Devices :-

  • There are many devices in industrial control system but Simatic S7-300 is the most common device which is found opened on the internet. 
  • Simatic S7-300 is the mostly used device to expand a installation space in a system. It works as central controller in production lines. They work as central processing units in a system.
  • Thats why many search engines like zoomeye or shodan ping on these deices.
  • For searching any ICS device type 102:simatic s7. Here 102 is the port number. or you can type simatic s7-300 to see all the devices.
  • After searching with the above query, zoomeye shows the industrial control devices.
  • The above is the ICS device which shows open port can be used in initial phase of information gathering, say ethical hacking professionals.